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@CornellatYale We hope they all find their fur-ever homes soon!

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@nsbrad We’re sorry to hear about your booking experience, Brad. Would you mind sending us a DM with the best email…

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@sd_and_anime Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we carry this item. Like many retailers, we’re experiencing a gre…

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@Isley23 We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and share your feedback regarding your DoorDash order avail…

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@kidcrazed99 What a good boy, Max! See you again soon

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Protect your dog from super fleas

Protect your dog from super fleas

Fleas live everywhere in the world except the Arctic—so it’s no surprise we have to do battle with them no matter where we live. And for many, it’s now a year-round concern. Summer is typically thought of as peak “flea season,” but milder winters, along with central heat and carpeting, have led to more fleas, more […]

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